Speech Recognition & Editing

Chase Clinical Documentation® offers leading speech recognition solutions. Our back and front end speech recognition and editing services solve the problem of timely documentation and have proven to be an invaluable asset in the healthcare industry. Speech recognition has many advantages, such as reducing transcription costs and making it easier to enter data into an EHR. Every day, more healthcare facilities are implementing speech recognition. Chases speech recognition and editing has superior technical performance and recognition capability to make clinical documentation easier, faster, and more accurate.

Say Goodbye to Point and Click

Studies in the U.S. show it can take 40 to 60 minutes per day of extra work for physicians to enter data into their system. Busy physicians don’t want to spend time pointing and clicking into an EHR, so they use speech recognition as a fast and accurate alternative. Using our speech recognition software, doctors can dictate notes approximately three times faster, with over a 99.8% accuracy rate. It also creates a digital record of a patients history that is easily searchable. Our speech technology allows physicians to document patient information quicker and with more accuracy, resulting in more time with patients, and higher quality patient care.

User Friendly Technology

Chase Clinical Documentation® is dedicated to constant improvement in voice technology as the industry is evolving. By staying on top of industry trends we continually work to implement the best software and technological advancements in order to improve clinical diagnosis. Our voice recognition technology responds to vocal commands so physicians can navigate their EHR verbally. Noise reduction technology allows our microphones to operate at peak efficiency to eliminate background noise interference. Ease-of-use, accuracy, and compatibility with your facilities existing technology make our speech recognition and editing a smart choice for any hospital or healthcare facility.

Faster Turnaround & Cost Effective

Chases speech recognition is cost effective, because there is no need to hire and manage your own staff of medical transcriptionists. Our professional medical transcriptionists confirm entire reports for accuracy after they are transcribed electronically by our speech recognition software. The completed report is quickly returned to you as an editable and shareable file.

Chase Clinical Documentation®

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