Chase Virtual Scribe Service

  • $10 Per Hour Average Pricing
  • Chase Performs Your EMR Data Entry
    (Patient Charts)
  • Real-Time Virtual Scribes
  • Allows Providers To Get Back To Seeing Patients
Monthly fixed rate ($10 per hour average) Includes
Eliminating Physician charting time, while increasing utilization of Your EMR Systems.

If your physicians embrace the concept and benefits of EMR adoption, but have become frustrated with hours and hours of charting time, as well as concerns with reduced patient face time and volume, Chase’s Virtual Scribe Services may be just what the doctor ordered! Chase’s Virtual Scribe Service allows your Physicians to perform patient exams as they are accustomed to doing, all the while enhancing their adoption of your EMR System.

Chase Virtual Scribe Services will Match your Physicians with an exclusive experienced Medical Scribe

Our 40+ years of clinical documentation experience assures you of accuracy, professional Scribe service, HIPAA compliance and an overall smooth workflow experience. Most importantly, our Virtual Scribe Service allows your Physicians to get back to the business of patient care, while still taking advantage of the benefits of your EMR. Chase Virtual Scribe Service offers a full array of completely customizable scribe services to accommodate every provider in your medical practice, clinic or hospital.

Chase Virtual Scribe Service offers a Support Option for Hospitals, Physician Centers and all Healthcare Providers. It is compatible with virtually any EMR software (web or client-side platforms) and helps today’s healthcare organizations realize full utilization and adoption of their EMR.

Chase Virtual Scribe Services

Finally the Win-Win Solution Enabling Healthcare Providers to Utilize Their EMR System While Still Maintaining Patient Counts and Face Time

With Chase Virtual Scribe Services, healthcare providers are returning to pre-EMR productivity, while still reaping all the benefits of their EMR system.

Prior to EMR implementation Providers saw an average of 25 patients per day. Providers now see an average of 22 patients per day due to time spent on EMR Patient Data Entry. 3 less patients per day!

Average revenue lost per patient: $100 x 3 per day= ($300)

By utilizing Chase Virtual Scribe Service, Providers have greatly reduced EMR Patient Data Entry time and once again see an average of 25-30 patients per day.

Gaining back 3 patients per day at $100/each + $300
Virtual Scribe Service cost per day (average) (– $55)
Daily revenue recovered per provider + $245
Weekly revenue recovered per provider + $1,225
Monthly revenue recovered per provider + $5,000 plus

Eliminating Physician Charting = Priceless

Chase Virtual Scribe Services

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