Chase Professional Medical Coding

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Chase Professional Medical Coding

Claims Auditing/Claims Appeal Services

Research shows that hospitals, physician centers, urgent care centers, and emergency clinics often experience a high number of claims that are held up by the bill scrubber due to NCCI edits, other modifier needs, medical necessity code requirements, duplicate charges, missing procedures, missing dates/times, and medically unlikely edits. We realize it is difficult and expensive to identify the internal resources needed to correct these claims, which often result in denied charges.

Many organizations struggle to identify the most efficient process to correct these issues and, due to internal constraints, often write-off these charges. Over time, this can amount to a significant amount of unclaimed revenue.

Chase has worked with premier clients to successfully address these issues and reclaim additional facility revenue that was once written-off. We research the bill and the associated medical record documentation, contact insurance companies, and then make the necessary corrections, thus resolving the error identified by the scrubber.

Clinical appeals of high-dollar denials is a niche service that Chase is able to provide to its clients. Chase has worked with many clients to successfully overturn denials at minimal expense to their organization.

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