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Chase Professional Medical Coding

Medical Coding And Auditing Services

Healthcare providers must find trusted partners to perform their medical coding services. Outsourcing medical coding services to Chase Clinical Documentation® allows hospitals, medical centers, and healthcare providers to focus on core business activities and the delivery of patient care. Chase Clinical Documentation® is a leading medical coding company, offering premium medical coding services to hospitals, urgent care centers, physician offices, and surgical centers, enabling them to augment their current medical coding services and billing operations. As a leading provider of medical coding services in all clinical specialties, Chase Clinical Documentation® offers over 40 years of experience in the healthcare documentation field. Clients trust Chase Clinical Documentation® to provide the highest quality medical coding services.

Professional Medical Coding Services:

With over 40 years of experience, Chase Clinical Documentation® provides Medical Coding Services for facilities including:

Medical Coding services

Why Outsource Medical Coding Services to Chase?

Fast, Accurate Results. Our commitment to quality and accuracy is our number one focus. We provide our clients with consistent turnaround times on medical coding services with custom scheduling coverage. In addition to our in house quality control measures, our professional medical coders are also tested regularly with various AHIMA assessments, sample charts, and testing provided by various U.S. University educational programs. This ensures that they consistently meet the accuracy requirement for DRG/APC assignment and overall requirements for professional medical coding based on the type of charts coded.

Educated, Experienced & Credentialed Medical Coders. The majority of our professional medical coders hold a four-year degree in nursing and other professional certifications, such as AHIMA CCS, CCS-P credential, or AAPC’s CPC and/or CPC-H credential. As nursing school graduates, our medical coders are well-versed in anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and disease process.

Transparency of Operations. Transparency is of paramount concern to Chase. We strive to ensure that you are regularly and fully informed on the quality and timeliness of your account activity. Our medical coding services include productivity and accuracy reports that are provided on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Keep Pace with Client Demand. Chase can also address current shortages of available medical coders, or any ongoing need to bring additional medical coders into your facility or healthcare organization.

Manage Costs By Outsourcing Medical Coding Services. With Chase, your healthcare organization maximizes revenue, while assuring compliance with industry standards. We take medical coding compliance very seriously. Chase strictly adheres to the current government and industry regulations and guidelines.

Accelerate Cash Flow. Accurate medical coding services are a vital task to help hospitals, surgery centers, and urgent care centers ensure complete compensation for their services. Medical coding services must be performed in a professional and timely manner. It is essential to lessen the number of days between a medical record being coded and a bill being transmitted for payment to a third-party insurance company or to a self-paying patient. Chase reduces this cycle to acceptable minimums.

Increase Focus on Patient Care. Having an additional source of medical coding eases the burden on an organization’s internal medical coding and billing staff. Healthcare providers and administrative personnel have more time to focus on patient care and other aspects of the patient experience.

Put Chase Clinical Documentation’s decades of experience in professional medical coding services to work for you. Our commitment to providing accurate medical coding services is unparalleled. Our medical coding staff is always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions. As a leading medical coding company, we have a proven track record of success that will work for your organization.

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