Chase BEO Back End Office Scribe Services

Chase can ease your Practice office burdens with our BEO Scribes. Service includes;
  • Insurance Eligibility
  • Responding to patient voice mails
  • Communication & patient check in as they arrive at your practice (texting from parking lot)
  • Enter patient information into your EMR as they arrive for office visits or for telemedicine
  • Claim Scrubbing

BEO Back End Office

Cost efficient / very affordable, pays for itself, simple to set up, month to month, no long term commitment, reduces provider burn out, increases patient volume

Chase Clinical Documentation® offers professional Back End Office Support. Our BEO Service allows Physicians, Administration and Medical Assistants to focus on their primary tasks. Our Virtual Team can help your practice meet the time consuming demands of:
Responding to Patient Voice Mails
Communication & Check in with Patients
Patient Scheduling
Insurance Eligibility
Claim Scrubbing
Client Specific Services
Client “Hours Used to Date” Portal

Chase Clinical Documentation®

Our experienced professionals have been providing the highest quality clinical documentation and customer service for more than 40+ years. Call us today.